Everybody’s Working For the Weekend

Published July 18, 2011 by Aker

Let’s recap the things I did this weekend and today:


British Museum

My friend Stacey and I decided to go to the British museum and Piccadilly Circus. The British museum is huge! It reminds me of the Metropolitan Museum. London also has a museum mile as New York does. Most of the museums in London are free, which is an added benefit for a college student like me. Walking in, it looks like a mansion with several exhibitions of artifacts from different continents, countries and cultures. I went to the Egyptian, African and Ornamentation and Identity exhibits. I bought some souvenirs, including a blue quill pen with a silver tip and ink. However, the museum is so large, that it is impossible to go through it in one day. I am glad we are going again on Wednesday. Next, we went to Piccadilly Circus (it is called a circus because it is a circular area, not because it is like the circus we think of today). It is like London’s Time Square. A lot of the buildings in London look very old or very Greco-styled, like in Piccadilly. We went to the National Gallery and each room were different colors: red, blue, green, gray. Almost every room was dedicated to someone, such as the Yves St. Laurent room. It has many beautiful European paintings, including those from Rembrandt and religious paintings. After we left, we decided to keep walking and ended up seeing the Houses of Parliament, St. James Park with the friendly ducks and squirrels, Buckingham Palace with the stiff guards who do lock-step marches all day (how much are these men paid because it looks like a boring job), and finally Big Ben (it looked less impressive in person). And all of this in on and off again rainy weather and several miles. That was a lot to accomplish in one day…


I decided to go with three of my classmates to a local Baptist church in the area, just to see what a church is like in England. The people were nice, but compared to my Pentecostal church, I was falling asleep. Also, I was slightly irritated b having to stand and sit down every time we had to sing a song. However, there was one funny part when the pastor, who plays a guitar, had us join in to sing a song for the kids leaving for Sunday school. All of the adults were doing hand gestures for the “gotcha” and “bye-bye” parts and I wanted to laugh because they looked so serious doing it. Well, I do not think I will be going back there anytime soon. After, was a long night of reading work for my class…


In class today, we discussed how to properly observe the place around us because we seemed to be getting it wrong. Our professor told us that our language is very metaphor-driven and so getting down to basic image is hard for us. Better luck next time for us…Practice, Practice. Then we read some Shakespeare and got into an argument about whether or not the sonnet “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?” is a romantic love poem or actually an insult to those who buy into their own vanity (because, you know, youth and beauty fades). Last, we watched clips from “Richard the III” and “Shakespeare in Love.” Joseph Fiennes is cute as William Shakespeare! Haha! Just a couple of hours ago, I went for a walk by the Regents Canal and realized how dirty it is! There is so much garbage in the water when you actually get past the beauty of it from afar. Poor ducks and fish that have to swim in the green, moss-filled water. Maybe I will write about that in my essay due Friday. Well, see you next time, after I visit the Tower of London!

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