Suite Mates are Not So Sweet…

Published July 24, 2011 by Aker

Kitchen Table

The downside to living in London as a student is having to dorm with people who are not particularly house trained. I live with my parents, so I am not used to dealing with this. Basically, I live in a suite at Queen Mary University with five other people. Two of them I get along well with (Stacey and Sunnie), the other three, I kind of want them to disappear. I will not name names, but these people are irritating me! It is not that they are not nice most of the time, it is just that they have little consideration for the other people who live in the suite. To put it simply, they are disgusting! We try to show them respect, but it is barely reciprocal. As the saying goes, you do not truly know someone until you have to live with them and then all hell breaks loose.

For the past two weeks, besides having to listen to one of our suite mates sheepish sounding laugh (you know, the stereotypical flirting laugh because she is hooking up with another suite mate), we have had to deal with loud music at inappropriate times when the respectful thing to do would be to turn the music down or close their doors! Even though they are down the hall (I feel bad for Sunnie because she is closer to them), I can still hear them! They have had a drinking party; first of all they did not invite us, and second, they invited a bunch of people from the rest of the class to the suite and did not ask us if it was okay. So, some nights I could not even go to sleep immediately when I was really tired.

The cake that was left out

We do not share rooms, but we do share a kitchen, which they have been hogging (luckily, the three of us have been able to use it lately), and it seems like every morning the kitchen is a mess! After the drinking party, the next morning, beer cans in the sink, alcohol spills on the floor and table and open bottles on the table. Stacey was more than angry when a pot she bought was used to make couscous  and not washed for a couple of days. One of our suite mates brought to the suite, a cake which he has left uncovered for a few days now. Yesterday, one of them left open a jar of peanut butter and bread on the table for most of the day. Does it have to take them days to clean the kitchen and wash dishes? Also, I have resigned to putting food I buy into my room because they have used some of my stuff without asking (ex. my peanut butter) and almost finished it. I think because we have housekeepers coming to clean, they think they can lay back and chill, but I do not want to live in filth the rest of the time! Seriously, my patience is thinning out and I needed to rant about it today.

Kitchen sink

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