Drink Time

Published August 6, 2011 by Aker

Tomorrow I turn 21 and it feels as if I have already celebrated it because the age for drinking in England is 18. And it makes sense why the drinking age is lower. Supposedly, the English are know for putting away a lot of alcohol! Our professor actually told us that the English are the biggest drinkers in Europe and some pubs are hundreds of years old. Wow! Everywhere you turn there is a pub; Near Queen Mary University, there is the New Globe Pub, where we have seen several people having a little too much to drink. For a class trip we went to The Lamb Pub, which was Charles Dicken‘s favorite pub.I had the Kronenbourg 1664 French beer, which is has a nice thick nutty flavor. I later bought a four pack of it later. My suitemate Sunnie gave me a Carlesburg beer, which was a bit more bitter and lighter than the Kronenbourg. A week before that, I had bought a bottle of Oxford Landing’s South Australian Cabernet wine at the local supermarket. It felt good not to be carded and I must say that I enjoyed it very much; it had a nice slightly fruit taste, especially with the pomegranate. Yesterday, some of my classmates and I went to a bar in Barbican and I had a Madame Butterfly cocktail drink, which is a melon and passionfruit liquor drink mixed with pineapple juice, cream and chocolate sprinkles. It was good! I also had a sip of an mixed Absinthe drink; now that was strong despite its taste. So, cheers to me turning 21, now I can go home with a beer gut. Just kidding!


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